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Our Creed

Brass Tacks Hunting is a veteran owned and operated hunting guide business that is dedicated to keeping the tradition of hunting alive. We focus our attention towards individuals who are interested becoming a hunter and we want to make their experience educational, memorable and successful. We understand that starting hunting can be intimidating, and regulations can be confusing. Brass Tacks Hunting gets down to the basics of hunting and we explain the hunting process throughout the entire hunt. We get clients involved in every aspect of hunting to include: the draw process, hunting regulations, where to hunt, how to find animals, glassing techniques, stalking techniques and also field dressing and caring for your harvest. Our packages are built around your hunting experience, physical capabilities and expectations. After a brief interview, we can help you decide which package fits you the best. 



If you've been thinking about becoming a hunter, click our "Contact Us" tab and give us a call, drop an email or send us a message. We will be happy to answer any questions you have about getting started. Many times it's a small hurdle that gets people hung up on getting started. We can get you over those hurdles and explain the process. 




Our full guided hunts range from 3 to 5 days and we will supply you with full accommodations.


Your sleeping accommodations will include canvas tents, cots with pads and heaters if needed. You must provide your own sleeping bag. Please plan accordingly to ensure you are equipped with a sleeping bag that is appropriate for the weather. 


Breakfast: A small breakfast and coffee will be provided each morning before the hunt. 

Lunch: A cold lunch such as sandwiches will be provided. On certain occasions a warm meal may be provided for lunch depending on hunting conditions. 

Dinner: A warm cooked meal will be provided each night when we return to camp. 


Non-alcoholic beverages will be provided during the entirety of the hunt. Alcoholic beverages will not be be provided. Alcoholic beverages will only be allowed to be consumed after the hunt is over for the day. 






During GUIDED ONLY HUNTS, the hunter will provide their own accommodations, to include all sleeping arrangements, food and beverages. With this option, hunters can set up camp in the same location as a guide, but will be responsible to set their camp up and be equipped for the environment. If you choose to set up camp away from the hunting party, or get a hotel/cabin, it will be the hunters responsibility to return to the hunting area at designated times. Morning hunt meeting times are no less than 1 hour before sunrise. 

If you choose the GUIDED ONLY HUNT, Brass Tacks will help you decide what you will need to make your accommodations comfortable. This may be a good option for hunters who have been in the process of buying hunting equipment, and allows hunters to gauge if their equipment is suitable for their needs and environment conditions.




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